CoMC Biography - Dovahken

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CoMC Biography - Dovahken

Post  soljaboy321 on Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:07 am

Dovahken is a wizard. Born in the city of Azaroth , he learnt the art of magic at the age of 12 whilst on a hiking trip. He discovered a cave that looked like it was man - made. He walked in slowly until he hit a end. He was upset by the thought it went on no further, but then as he turned around there was a man. In shock he swung his sword at the man, but the man only dissapeared. Dovahken shouted "what are you? You appear to be human but have magnificent powers" the voice of the man replied " I am of human blood but i have learnt magnificent powers from a dragon ". Dovahken then asked " will you teach me? " and the man appeared in front of him and said " I will under the one circumstance that you will use the power for good and pass it on ". Dovahken asked " What is your name oh great wise one? " he replied " You will address me as Dragonborn, and by the way if you wish to learn these techniques called magic you can only learn one ". Dovahken said " Then i choose the power to make things appear " Dragonborn replied " Ah summoning i will teach you ".
After 12 months Dovahken had perfected the power and now became a Dragonborn Wizard.

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