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Greg [CoMC NPC]

Post  CoMC-Greg on Sat Dec 24, 2011 6:15 am

Habbo user name:CoMC-Greg (black.white)
(It wouldn't just let me make a regular flash [Like zetaboards..] So I just made this link, enjoy
IC full name:Greg Muhammad

IC Nick name:Muhammad

Race:Immortal Human


Personality:A wise man but very sarcastic. Very caring and nurturing to anyone in need, but he will take no disrespect nor free loading.

Appearance:The hair on his body his all white, his face hardly aged and topped with circular glasses. His skin a very calm tan-olive seems to have the sun dance across his skin. Standing 6'5 and at a weight of 198 he proves to be a very broad shouldered strapping man.




Skills and Abilities:With his skills in the ancient martial arts honed to perfection he has earned a black belt in White Lotus Kung Fu, a black belt in karate, brazillian jiu jutsu, muay thai, and capoeira.

Chi, he gathers his chi to enhance himself in ways no one can imagine. He may create blasts with his Chi in order to create distance. (Imagine a hadouken)

Born a wise boy with a loving home and luxury life. Greg never really paid attention to his surroundings, he began to think he was the best human being in the world, pure of heart and no ill thought in the mind. His parents and friends seemed to think the same, until they found a terrible secret. What they didn't know is that Greg was deep down inside, crazy, they didn't figure this out until he killed a bunny rabbit without even hesitating. He snapped it's neck in two and began to suck the blood from said bunny, said it would give him the jumping prowess of a bunny. But they didn't believe him, they told his parents, but they only said they were lying and for them to never come around the house, or their son ever again..big mistake. Greg didn't know the instructions they had given his friends, he though they were abandoning him so he snapped, he ventured off one night with a machete in hand. He went to ever single house and murdered them all, severed their heads from their necks and tied them together in a loop. His parents learned of his deeds as he walked down to his house with his friends' heads around his neck. They immediately kicked him out of the house and had him shipped off to a place where the crazies go, there, Greg spent most of his life becoming better, pure at heart as he once thought he was. He finally was let out from the progress he had made, his purity was close to that of God himself.


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