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Name : Legan Red


Appearance: He wears a black bandana over his orange - red hair, He wears all black clothing to blend in with the dark , He wears a black scarf around his mouth, He has a belt with a sheathe for his dagger. His eyes are fiery red with a bit of blue inside. Scar over his right eye.

Personality: He has a nice personality when your his friend sadly he has none.He is otherwise dark around strangers.He is kinda funny. He is very quiet. Not talkative person.

History : He was born on a small settlement deep in the forest. His father was a farmer and his mother was a house wife. He has a twin brother but his brother was attacked and killed in the forest.He got away while his brother fought off the animal. It was tiger there that had caught his brother.But his brother was killed when he was fatally wounded by the tiger.He visits the cemetary on behalf of his beloved brother on his birth day.He never speaks of the day so it is like it never happened.He was never the same after the incident in the forest.He stayed at home until he was fourteen.when his mother and father became ill and passed away.

Weapon: He has a dagger with a family crest upon it in the shape of a star within another.

Voice: He speaks the way a proper young man speaks.He does not slur or talk idiotic.

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