Biography: Jarael.

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Biography: Jarael.

Post  .Anna. on Thu Dec 15, 2011 6:32 am

Name : Born Edessa, but now Jarael (Translated as Protector)
Species : Arkanian (As far as she knows, the only one left)
Age : 24
Personality : A hot tempered young woman, behaviours of which formed from her tragic past. She is hard to please, but loyal once she considers you an ally.

Equipment : Two Reverse daggers by the name of Bani'Shei. Which interprets as Banish Snake, In her origin language.

Appearance : Pale of skin, and white of hair. Eyes of a deep black. Small, light, and agile and 5ft 3". With a blue, flame-like tatoo along her face

History : Before taking the name Jarael, Edessa was a slave, then slaver after besting the Zeltron Chantique, of the Crucible where she attempted to help the slaves survive and succeed in their training to prevent them from being sent off to far worse conditions. A former scientist of The Adasca BioMechanical Corporation of Arkania, named Gorman Vandrayk or "Camper," assisted in her escape from the Crucible for which she dedicated her life to protecting him for.

Edessa and Camper eventually settled on Taris in the Lower City, living out of a garbage hauler, The Last Resort. She became a traveling companion to the fugitive Zayne Carrick. Along with the criminal Marn Hierogryph. However this was far from her own will. Life in the lower city was tough, gangs, tears, blood, and anguish; all that Edessa saw for three years of her life. After the first year Edessa became Zayne's wife, much to Marn's distaste. Which led to her rape on a cold, snowwy evening. Marn twisted the thoughts in Zayne's head, to make him beleive that Edessa was a liar, he had always had a way with words; and so, the relationship ended, and Edessa was left alone, hungry and cold.

One evening, outside a Cantina, In the Taris slums, Edessa cought sight of her ex-lover Zayne being robbed and threatened. The years had been tough to her, so Edessa learned how to fight, and protect herself, Using the blades Bani'Shei, which an old, Arganoian woman gave to her, after saving her grandchild. Edessa was quick, and took down the thug that was threatening Zayne. And this is how she got the name of Jarael.


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