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Habbo user name : castformfire

IC full name : Project 7313: Armed Weapon Response Unit XenoTech-91240-Echo (Tau-Rho-Sigma-Upsilon)

IC Nick name : X-9

Race : Humanoid Mecha-Race

Age : Created in 7502

Personality : Differential depending on system status and input calculations.

Appearance : A tall, young man, pale white skin. The underlying Corteon tubing emits a light blue glow from beneath the skin, sometimes mistaken for oxygen-less blood veins in bright lights.

Height : 6ft 10

Weight : Varies depending on core processing unit.

Equipment : Core processing unit with variable input slots.

Skills and Abilities : The Xenotech series were equipped with moveable plates within the body to allow openings for the core units to expel their speciality through.

History : Developed in a far from distant time, the Xenotech-91240-Echo was the only unit to survive the interspecies war, and due to the antimatter within black holes just off from the Kappa Defense Space Center, it was sent back to a previous year, hidden below the surface of the ground, in the planets core.

Religion : The Xenotechs were built on the firm beliefs of Ancient Bushido rules, however, they were never input a main religion to believe in.


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