Malak Dalicine: A Man on a Mission

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Malak Dalicine: A Man on a Mission

Post  jonny727 on Tue Dec 20, 2011 1:06 pm

Username: jonny727

Character Name: Malak Dalicine

Age: 19

Sexuality: Straight

Marital Status: Dating

Height (Without armor): 6'6

Height (With armor): 6'10

Weight (Without armor): 203 pounds

Weight (With armor): 269 pounds

Gender: Male

Alignment: Lawful Good

Mentality: Sane

Threat level: Moderate

God: Dasmerral (The God of Justice)

1. Kind hearted
2. Intelligent
3. Quiet
4. Brave
5. Honest
6. Over Protective
7. Trusting
8. Strong Leader

1. Reading
2. A Good Duel
3. His friends [What few are left]
4. His family [What few are left]
5. His Girlfriend, Sia Malandra

6. Green Tea
7. The people of his nation
8. Peace
9. Justice

1. The bastards who kiddnaped his Girlfriend
2. War
3. Watching the innocent get punished

1.Admantine Long Sword

2. Admantine Plate Armor (First picture)
3. Admantine Shield


Malak was Born on Alavanjus(Novemeber) 1st, 2184 A.D. (Anno Deimajo Period) to a highclass noble family of the island nation of Dalinpoint. DUring his early years, Malak became interested in the use of the sword, often spending numerous hours a day practicing it it's usage. It wasn't long before his parents discovered this useful talent, and ordered that that best masters of the land train him. But by the time he was twelve, he was besting masters who had been practicing for many decades. While on a walk through the market on his Sixteenth Birthday, Malak stumbled into (and accidentally groped) A young woman by the name of Sia Malandra, who at the time was also Sixteen. The two instantly feel in love. They secretly dated for several years before Malak's parents discovered their relationship. At first his parents disapproved of their relationship, but after awhile, decided it was best to let their relationship be. Several years down the road, while outside the city gates, Malak and Sia were attacked by large group of bandits, and although he tried to fight them off, They managed to kidnap Sia before he could stop them. The only clue he had was that they'd said they were going to sell her as a slave. SInce then, he's been searching for her. Hoping to find her alive somewhere, and praying that if he ever catches the bastards who took her from him, that they will die a slow and painful death.


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Re: Malak Dalicine: A Man on a Mission

Post  jonny727 on Wed Dec 21, 2011 1:30 pm

Just an Fyi if anyone wants to scene as my chars betrothed Leave me a comment and ill tell you the details for her


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