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Race: Skeletal Lich (pre-death species unknown, presumabely human or elven)

Position/Occupation: Leader of the Sutmori Legion

Yu'Satho is a typical lich, as he is a skeleton. He almost always wears standard Sutmori Legion robes, but with red replacing the normal dark purple highlights.

His summoned armour (and most equipment), is forged from Retumnite*. The armour is covered in intricate designs that have a resemblance to skulls and/or corpses, but a lot are just swirls and shapes. The armour completely covers Yu'Satho's body, leaving nothing exposed. Quite a few spikes extend from random places on the armour, and the ends are razor sharp, meaning that hitting the armour extremely hand with ones body would be quite painful.

Despite being a lich, Yu'Satho's main magic school is actually Conjuration. Necromancy is his secondary magic school, and he has some destructive knowledge for when all else fails.

- Summon Heavy Retumnite Armour
- Summon Retumnite Claymore
- Summon Acquaintance & Mark Acquaintance
Those who have Mark Acquaintance cast upon them and accept it's effects will be able to be summoned by whoever cast the spell upon them. It is possible to resist the spell in order to stay where one is, but the power of Summon Acquaintance changes how hard it is to resist it's effects.
- Summon Earth Golem
- Create Earth Golem
- Summon Demon
A tricky spell. What you get depends on what you want. For instance, if the caster only wants to summon something small, they can choose what they summon (e.g. they can choose to summon an imp or a fire atronach). If the caster wants something big, then what they summon is pretty much completely random. The bigger and more powerful the thing being summoned is, the harder it is to concentrate on a specific demon. This also effects how loyal the summoned demon is.

- Ressurect/Summon Skeleton
- Summon Lesser Ghost
- Manipulate Shadows
Despite common rumours about necromancy, shadow manipulation has very little offencive use. It requires a lot of magical concentration to make shadows magical or physical enough to cause harm. Manipulating shadows is more of a stealth trick.

- Bolt
Relatively weak bolt of pure magic energy. Causes burns and knockback.
- Force
Upgraded version of Bolt.

*Retumnite is a magical metal. It's really magic in a solid, metallic form. The creation process is lengthy, but basically consists of forging iron and cold iron together (which itself is a difficuilt process due to the rapidly different ways they are normally forged) and then embuing the resulting, highly unstable mixture (dubbed Midway Iron or Impure Retumnite) with magic over a long period of time. Eventually the majority of the mixture will have disintegrated and been replaced with solid magic that has taken on quite alot of its properties. This is Retumnite, but even at this stage it is often smelted and purified with even more spells to make sure it is perfect.

Retumnite does not have any of cold irons properties other than it's natural, high resistance and strength. Simmiliar to cold iron it has a blue tint, but it is far more obvious in Retumnite. Because Retumnite is made from magic, it is perfect for creating summonable equipment, but should not be confused with summoned 'energy' or 'magic' weapons and armour, which is just magic concentrated into the shape of weapons and armour rather than a specially created metal.

I just wanted to get the bare basics out of the way. I will ask for this to be unlocked (if it is locked) in order to edit in more stuff later if need be.


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