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Berhanu's Bio

Post  Berhanu on Tue Dec 13, 2011 5:16 am

Name : Berhanu
Species : Water Elf (Now extinct race)
Age : 28 (consindered a teen in their race as an elder is considered to be 120+ years)

Personality : A extremely curious and proud person who aims to seek knowledge [Historic and Magic] in an attempt to re-claim his 'lands' which have been lost to the Aura sea. He is passionately loyal yet very fair and just. Striving to maintain balance -- a common and recurring theme in the Water Elves culture

Equipment : A mystical bostaff (Sui'ran) which can alter it's size. [A relic of his former people] and advanced knowledge of magic and history. Able to summon relics of his past although very limited

Appearance : Blue skinned and blue haired, Berhanu stands at 5' 8" with glowing yellow eyes. Very slim yet muscular for his build.

History : Hailing from the now lost City of Taalsuicharak "Aura Sea's Heart", Berhanu lives on land in order to find beings able to help aid him rebuild or locate any survivors. He worked as an apprentice "Scholarguard" a mystic protector class who were used by The High Lords as bodyguards, companions and in some senses rivals. The Water Elves called themselves "Sui'gar" or "Children of The Sea" and were masters of their environment with an extensive knowledge of the majority forms of magic (Necromancy was outlawed as well as summoning living creatures) Their race were obssessed with maintaining balance and yet pursuing advancement. The downfall came when the construction of Emporer Lantai's New Throne Room began to subside -- instead of allowing the uncompleted throne room (which had taken 50 years to construct) to sink to the bottom of the sea The Emporer decreed that the Elves save it. Pushing their resources, structures and themselves to the limits they created twisted forms of magic by splintering off into 'secret cults' and 'secret guilds' (corrupting the core of their civilisation, Knowledge being open for all) which ultimately caused an implosion, both civilly and literally, destroying the whole city and almost any trace of their existence. Berhanu survived by the skin of his teeth thanks to his former Master, Darsil and the powerful relic, his ancestors bostaff, The Sui'Ran, "The Sea Snake"

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