Nate Nolan / The High Mage King/ The King

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Nate Nolan / The High Mage King/ The King

Post  NateNolan on Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:28 am

Species : Half-blood : Races : High Elve ( Only Two ) / Mage.
Age : 24

Personality : Hostile.

Equiptment : A Deceased Hero's (Morgan's) Scythe, And able to wield Magic.

Appearance : Once a good looking young boy, Over the years his looks have become pale and dangerous. Two scars mark his left eye, a part scratched fully out. Inheriting some of the elven gene, Nate is 7'1.

History : Nate grew up, From a Mother who was a full High Elf, and Father a Human who inherited Magical abilities. Growing up, He was able to wield incredible powers which came to him when angry. One day, a prophecy unknown to this day was predicted by the Grave Keeper Olaf, Sending Nate into a frenzy in which he destroyed his home. After thinking he had killed all of his family, He found out Aria was still alive. It is thought to this day he had her assassinated. Nate remains Hostile, His power having gotten to his head for the number of years. Overall, At heart Nate is a good young lad. Recently becoming King.

Armour : Nate wears pure black Armour, found within the grave of his father. He had won a different number of armour over the years, Wearing robes over it in an attempt to seem easy to get. ( This being unknown to you when IC, Obviously. )


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