Bio of Goblin King

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Bio of Goblin King

Post  GamerLord on Tue Jan 03, 2012 2:35 pm

Habbo user name : LaserDude1234.

IC full name : Argo BlackTooth

IC Nick name : Arget

Race : Goblin

Age : 364 Years Old

Personality : Easyliy gets angry, Non-Trustworth ( eg:Scams others), Cares nothing for lower life forms

Appearance : Tall,Buff,long legs and arms, Dark Green brownish skin, Dirty,always bare foot, Black hair,army style cut

Height : 7.3'

Weight : 132 Kg

Equipment : Purple Chain, Thael (Bane Longsword), Dagger, Bow and Arrow aswell as a Quivor, Helmet equiped with horns coming out of each side of the mouth holes,gloves, Rusted Chest plate,Rusted legging and shinguards

Skills and Abilities : Leadership, ShapeShifting into various goblins (Only Goblins)

History : Argo was one of the 1st babys born from an elder goblin. Argo grew up in a harsh background of beatings and scrollings for not obeying the goblin way, he has learn all goblin laws and now pass them on through genration. Tribe: None
Hideout: Cave of Torment, Birth place: UnderMountain

Religion : None at the moment

That is all ! lol!
By the way do i get to know what the passwords for locked rooms are? confused

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