The Gambling Demon: Rin Uzumaki

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The Gambling Demon: Rin Uzumaki

Post  DeathDeathe on Sun Dec 25, 2011 1:35 am

OOC info:

habbo username: deathdeathe

irl name: kris

irl gender: male

IC Info:

Name: Rin Uzumaki

Nickname(s): The Gambling Demon

race: Demon

Gender: Male

hieght: 6ft 6in

weight: 190lbs (80kg)
he is seen wearing a top hat, embroidered with small skulls along the base.
he usually has a mask on *see spoiler*
his general appearence without the mask or hat is a long black coat, a vest matching in hue, and a dark blue undershirt.*reference the picture*
General appearence:

eye color: golden.

Hair Color: a deep blue

Rin usually uses his manipulation of darkness to fight, but in for insurance he carries a blade at his side, and just as himself it deceitful item, hidden in walking cane, about 4ft long cane, with a 3ft sword settled inside it.

mental status: unknown: some say he is crazy, some say he's just to amused with what he does.

alliance: none, he does what he feels he should. or what benefits him.

:The Gambling Demon:

A tale not many known and fewer tell, it is of a demon, who's goes by Rin Uzumaki. A slightly confusing fellow, his past before gaining his nickname is unknown. Once gained is a different story, The elders of men warn their young that if they were to see a figure with a skull embroidered top hat, pay him no heed. Show him not the desires in your heart for he will twist his words and make false promises. like the snake that tricked eve, in tales of christianity it will only bring ruin to yourself and those you love to believe him.
Rin over time has become more interested with the people of this area, and instead of his normal trickery, has become seemingly attached to the land. he still is out for a good laugh, and to steal a soul or two, but something going on in this place calms his urges to cause mayhem though the locals fear its for a greater evil deed that he stays.
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