Morgan "The Dragon Slayer" Dravinsk

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Morgan "The Dragon Slayer" Dravinsk

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Morgan "The Dragon Slayer" Dravinsk
[Hero By All other Names]

Personal Information
Gender: Male
Race: Undead (former hero)
Sexual Orientation: Nil
Former Partner: Alora Dravinsk (Married into the family) (Killed alongside Morgan)
Status/Rank: Rogue King (Former Dragon Slayer)

Typical Quotes:
"A Warrior's Strength Is only matched by the Size of his Heart" - Located on Morgan's Gravestone (Glorified as a Hero)
"And On this Day My Brothers, I shall exact revenge on the Man who woke me from my resting!" -Spoken to his men, in Nate's Absence.

His Pale white skin and slowly decayed flesh obvious at first site, emitting nothing but a lowly smell of rotting flesh and muscle. The decaying nature of his body ceased by being summoned from the grave forcefully by "Nate." Morgan's trademark Golden Hair greying and whitening whilst in his slumber, known now by the piercing white hair which he embraces quoted as a "cold reminder of the walk through hell." His robed attire concealing his minimal chain plated armour, covering the entirety of his body. In The absence of his family's scythe, Morgan has grown fond of a Jagged blade left dormant at his grave. Engraving the hilt with the words "Do Not Forget" a token reminder of the forceful nature of his presence.

Lacking abilities per se`, Morgan bears with him his former masculine posture along with his Strength. Damage to nerve fibres around his body has caused him to become numb at the touch, dismissing most pain for a tingling sensation. His strength is only matched by the spring in his step, a master of assassination and brutality, unmatched by those inferior. His Skin remains cold to the touch, a tribute to the grave he once slumbered in. Unable to shrug off his ghastly figure, he attempts to disguise it under his robes.

An Arsenal Of Blades and weaponry are hidden amongst his clothing. Weapons such as Throwing Knives and A Crossbow tucked neatly behind his back. The Most common and most exposed weapon at his disposal, the jagged blade he bears so willingly, quoting him "A Jagged reminder of things to come."

Once a glorified hero, now an Undead pawn at the disposal of his masters, Morgan sustains a constant hate for those who brought him from his slumber Quoting them as "the scum of the earth". Unable to rebel, Morgan works under them forcefully, waiting for a chance to strike back at his enemies. A Spiteful Man, who hates all things living, and wishes only for his dirty work to be done. Innately however, Morgan has a profound infatuation with flowers. His Soft Spot often causing him to receive insults due to his pansy like nature when in the presence of a beautiful garden.

Charming yet resilient, Morgan often resorts to diplomacy before having to draw his blades.
"Once the man starts yappin' trust me, you just can't say no to 'im!" - Local Barkeep After being Haggled down to a free meal

A Dragon Slayer By all means, He would have wished for no better title. His Golden Blonde hair somewhat of a trademark, robbed by the grave in which he had served many years laying dormant, unable to rest, unable to pass on. Alora and Morgan lived together for quite some time, until one poor unfortunate day when a petty thief had sprung the idea of robbing the house. Awake, Morgan drew arms against the petty thief, only to be struck down in combat by the lowly thug. A Legacy, a Legend cut down in nothing but greed. The slaughter of the Dravinsk family brought to and end the Legend of Morgan "The Dragon Slayer."

Put to rest, The world thought they had seen the last of the Dragon Slayer, but his legacy was only to continue under a new name. The Rogue King. A Master of deception, a killer without a reason, and a man hell bent on revenge. Upon his revival Morgan kept a journal for the first few days after being forced back to life from his grave.

Day 1:
What is this... It has all felt like some distant sleep that I can only barely remember. I press my hand to my heart, not to feel a reply. Is this some dark magic? It seems like things have begun anew, however this strange feeling, as if... as if something itself has got it's talons grasped into me. I remember seeing a man when I saw the light, a man off in the distance, concealing himself under a full length robe... Forgive me if this entry seems a bit short, My hands barely move, cold and pale, I will keep this journal up to date... If anyone were to find it, My Name is Morgan Dravinsk... The Dragon Slayer

Day 2:
I do not feel the cold, I do not feel the sun kiss my skin. The news of what happened that day has only just sunk in. If i were to have my chance at revenge, I will slaughter the man who did this to Alora, and cull his family... I long for the taste of food and the refreshment of water. To live unsatisfied by what I had taken for Granted... I see my reflection in the water, only to notice a man who I have never seen before. Disgusting, what am I if I cannot be fulfilled? A Monster, AN ABOMINATION... If Anyone were to find this diary, My Name was Morgan Dravinsk... The Dragon Slayer.

Day 3:
When ... Does it end. When do I feel... Life's embrace like time before... The Name Morgan barely rings a bell... Have I died out completely? My Belongings gone, it's as if... I never existed in the first place... A new name... its... (a stream of scribbled writing cuts the sentence in half) Dragon Slayer

Day 4:

Day 5:
Their blood... will run


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