Kiske Relko ; Kitsune

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Kiske Relko ; Kitsune

Post  lDarkshadow. on Wed Dec 21, 2011 4:15 am

Name: Kiske Relko
Age: 15
Alias: Firefox
Clan/Family: Lone Kitsune
Gender: Male
Birthday: May Tenth
Abilities: He has the power to control fire. Also he is stronger, faster and smarter than most humans. He is able to outpace a Vampire. He is able to run for hours at a high speed without tiring. His strength can be matched as that of a Vampires too. He also has seductive powers which are stronger than that of a Neko's.

General Description/Facial Features : Quite skinny but muscular, always has a smile although it may be a sinister smile at times. He isn't very tall but he could easily win in a fight against someone bigger than himself.
Height & Body Type: 5ft 10 and Quite skinny but muscular
Eyes: Blue
Skin Tone: Pale
Other (Wings, ears, etc): He has the ears of a fox and the tail of one too. He also has claws which come out of his hands.

Interests: His passion is purely nature and animals.
Popular or Loner: He is a loner as he travels around a lot although he could probably be popular if he decided to stay in one place.
Overall Personality: He is very charming, kind, caring and he always tries to help people to the best of his abilities.
Best Personality Trait: He is always kind to people and trusts them instantly.
Worst Personality Trait: He gives trust out too easily, although he is liked it could also destroy him.
Fears: Death.
Equipped: A short sword, ten throwing stars, a small knife.
Past Occupations: Trainee at Martial Arts school.
Sexuality: Heterosexual


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