Toshiro Senku [Biography]

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Toshiro Senku [Biography]

Post  Reaper.Ban on Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:54 am

Name: Toshiro Senku
Age: Unknown
Race: Fairy/Wizard
Personality: Toshiro has a dual Personality. When he is calm he seems to hate violece and will ot use it unless needed , Yet if agitated or annoied a Dark aura emits from him and he will use force Wildly at his enemy.

History: The history of toshiro is currently unknown But he may be willing to share some with others.

Belief : Toshiro Beliefs That Once you have achieved of state of mind called the Luo [Commonly Known as Inner piece To others] you can control the states of yourself alowing your mind spirit and body to exceed its potential. During battles you may see Toshiro meditating or Have a Menacing read glow. This Is Evidence Of The Luo.

Equipment/Belogings: Toshiro Owns A Diamond Emblemed Wand , And a Bag that never seems to end. Inside that bag you may sometimess see a small black head. That is Toshiros Mysterious Pet Mr.Tiny.


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