Ash Darkholme-Biography

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Ash Darkholme-Biography

Post  ABeautifulDeath on Mon Dec 19, 2011 3:43 am

Full Name: Aisheal (ay-shell) Aries Darkholme (preferes to be referred to as Ash)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Hair: shoulder-length, pure white hair. natural'll see when we get to history! :3
Eyes: One is light grey, the other blood red.. (o.o)
Body: skinny, short, undefined build.
Height: 4''8
Weight: 6 and a half stone (o.o)
Skin Tone: Ghostly white
Alliance: Neutral
Mentality: Can alternate between sane and completely nuts! Very Happy
Threat level: Can alternate between harmless and downright lethal! ^_^
Clothing: Black trousers, Black and red shirt, red combat boots, white belt, always wear a necklace around neck, which is barely noticable, and no one knows why..
Equipment: Dual katana, Two throwing daggers, small rucksack containing various books on magickal practice and lore (among other things), an acoustic guitar.
Personality: She's very quiet and keeps to herself a lot. She can seem heartless and cold at first but, once you get to know her, she opens up a little. She's quite shy and is very sensitive about her past, some advice; don't mention it. She normally doesn't like violence but if she gets angry at you, she will not only kill you, but she will torture you until you practically beg for death...(o.o)
History: Born with bright blue eyes and deep black hair, her dad had abandoned her mother once he found out she was pregnant. She lived with her mum in a run down shack with little food and even fewer luxuries (though she was still happy with her life with her mother and loved and respected her deeply) until she was 5 when her mother was mysteriously murdered. Her father then reappeared out of nowhere and claimed his 'right' as her new guardian. She was locked in a small room in her dads home and repeatedly raped and beaten for 2 years by him and any of his drunken friends or relatives who came over. At 7 years of age, she was 'sold' to a bunch of satanists who experimented on her with dangerous chemicals and spells and potions that weakened her body and mind even more than ever before (she still has nightmares of both these events). Five years later their latest ‘experiment’ goes horribly wrong and implodes on itself, completly detroying the unnatural chemicals and just about everything and everyone else in a 10-mile radius, or almost everyone. She, having adapted suficiently to the chemicals, survived, though, not without a few side-effects. Her eyes were now coloured differently and her hair was snow-white, she could fly and she could hear others thoughts. She was already quite practiced in the magickal arts and was now able to control it better, particularly fire. She also started having halucinations, seeing the scientists standing next to their own bodys and her mother standing behind her. She ran from the images and didn't stop until she reacheda small town. Now, almost starved to death and driven insane from the tortures of both her life and now the halucinations, she is admitted into a small asylum like place, where she meets her counseller, a female shaman with similar abilities. She helps Ash to control her abilities, teaching her the hulucinations are actually ghosts and helps her learn to control the many other aspects of her powers, the shaman also shows her how to readapt into society and introduces her to many different things such as music, books, and many things of which she enjoys today. Let out of this place at 14, she now travels around, doing what she can to survive.
Abilities: Pyrokinetic, Empathic, telepathic, telekinetic, invisibilty, can phase through solid objects, flight, can see and hear ghosts and other supernatural beings, teleportation, limited precognition (ability to see the future).
Quirks: Right arm twitches when nervous, normally stares into space for no reason a lot, paces when thinking, moves hands around while talking often, goes really quite when upset.
Favourite colour: Black.
Relationship ideals: She doesn't trust anyone with her heart...not completely at least..
Likes: Song/poetry/story-writing, reading, singing, playing guitar, drawing.
Dislikes: small-spaces, large crowds, the dark, spiders, graveyards
Phobias: Claustrophobic, Aracknaphobic.
Pets: A Pheonix she met along her travells, firey red and yellow feathers; has it own abilities: it's tears can heal, it can lift weights up to 100 times it's own, and when it is time for it to die it bursts into flames and is reborn from the ashes. Named Lirael.
Birthdate: 17th August.

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