Xylas [ -=Honest=- ] Bio

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Xylas [ -=Honest=- ] Bio

Post  -=Honest=- on Tue Dec 13, 2011 2:34 am

Name : Xylas
Species : Wizard
Age : 26

Personality : Xylas is Often Kind and Helpful, as a Wizard, But Will Turn Aggressive if Tempted. He can't be Tempted Easily, so he doesn't Fight often.

Equpitment : Hes Equip with a Wooden Staff, and Thanks to being a Wizard, He can control Earth.

Appearance : He has a Solid Clothe, with a Scarf and He has a Shoulder plates with Not so Sharp Spikes.
Hes 5"9 and Wears Sandles.

History : Not Available at the moment.


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