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Kristopher fermal

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OOC Information:
  • Name: Kristopher Mohan
  • Gender: Male
  • Habbo Username: deathdeathe

Kristopher Fermal
IC Information:

Kristopher Fermal




175lbs (79kg)

Social standings:
a Rogue with little to say, and much less to do, kristopher is more of a peaceful fellow who would rather sit and watch the events playing out around him. born from a simple village family, and raised in the true hardships of the lands. speaks his mind, and can be a pest at times, but is good natured.

Visible Weaponry:
Twin blades

His Fathers blade.

his own.
Hidden Weaponry:
wouldn't you like to know?

Historical Backings:
Long as hell:

Born to a simple life, he was raised with good rolemodels, hardworking honest people, life was simple until a small strife started between his village and a neighboring one. the fighting grew more cutthroat and the people more harsh. this is where he learned to use a blade. the village had taken notice of his father's and kris' skill with blades, and crafted them fine swords as a sign of their backings, time went on and the Fermals became hero's to their village for the battles they faught, but like everything else theres always that one fellow who feels cheated, the mans name isnt remembered, and his tomb is that of a criminal. the fellow felt that it was kris' father michael who was to blame for his misfortunes. He took michaels life one night with a dagger, being one who he had faught with michael thought there no threat of the man, that was his downfall. lost in his own madness the man attacked him in plain sight so the village knew who had done it. by the time the word got back to kris the coward had ran off into the woods. filled with both anger and sadness. he controlled his anger not knowing where the man was in the woods for the burial of his father, and then one day he overheard a few merchants mention a man they had got attacked by in the woods, joking about how a madman had jumped at them then tore off running. kris heart went cold that moment, he ran home, leaving many wondering what was happening that knew him, he ermerged clad with his sword to his left hip, his fathers to the right, a dead look in his eyes. and took off after the trail of his fathers killer. time passed and the hunt continued the man fled fearing that his past would catch up to him, and it was, hot on his heels the vengence of his crimes came. closing the gap. until one day he stopped tired of running, hoping he was far enough away, wishing that his deeds would never come back to haunt him anymore. and for a week he settled and had started anew. only to have kris eventually stumble into the village looking for him. asking many if they had seen him they seemed wary of the boy now looking like a mangy homeless sword for hire. the village protected the man saying they had never seen him for he had started to become one of them. kris heart at this grew heavy, but to them he only muttered words of acceptance before turning to look back at his path. he laughed a little then turned back to the villagers. they had a tense look at this as if afraid he might attack them. curious about this kris looked at them each slowly, then asked if they wanted to know why he hunted this man. without even pausing for an answer he riddled off his tale to the lot gathered, and by the end they had begun to question the actions they had taken. with that kris nodded and walked passed them to leave the village. sure that his goal lay further ahead. later that night as he was making camp, a rider came from the village he had told his tale to. the man spoke softly and appologized. he told kris the truth of the mans whereabouts and that the villagers wanting to handle the situation silently. with this they rushed back to the village to find the mans house aflame him inside laughing crazily, as the village stood in awe of the mans insanity. kris stood watching, silently only to feel tears streaming down his cheeks, his knees growing weak and his arms heavy. he fell there infront of the blazing house wordless, watching as the symbol of his hatred turned to ash slowly losing his own conciousness. he awoke at the inn, they had put him up for the night. his head spun as he tried to situp, he stopped for a moment and thought, rememberd what had happened the night before and grew angry. kris was angry not at the man for taking his own life but himself at failing to avenge his father justly. when he finally got calmed down he looked for his clothing, but couldnt find the tattered clothes anywhere. his blades still set at his bedside. he had only a brief moment before a girl knocked at the door of his room, entering after a moments pause. kris quickly nabbed up the sheets hiding himself behind them. the serving girl giggled as she lay out a fresh set of clothing, glancing back at him once more she smiled and left, closing the door behind her. kris quickly took the clothes in hand and slid them on. Once done he glanced himself over in the reflection of one of his blades, before putting on his scabbards and walking out of the room. down the stairs and to the door. greeted at the door by a small posse of men from the village he looked them over for a moment before he realized the look in their eyes was that of fear, hate and disdain. they wanted him gone or dead but someone had told them he was alloud to be there. with a smirk he moved out into the middle of the street. looking back to them he spurted out a casual wager, if they could beat him in a sparring match he would leave the town and not ever come back. the five of the men looked at him in awe, here a man who had just awoke from collapsing in tears had challenged them veterans of the village's guard. so they took him up on the bet, and went off to an open field, the five men circled the boy with their swords at the ready. yet he stood there, no obvious guard two blades sitting tips to the ground. feeling confident one man rushed in,slashing down apon the boy, hearing a loud thwack as wood met wood and then a thud of wood meeting skin, the others stood back awed as the comrade of theirs fell to his knees gasping for air, only to take one more blow to the back of the neck and fall foreward unconcious. the others seeing that tried working together, from the village the thwacks of the wood on wood were heard for an hour, before kris came back into the town got a horse and wagon, and headed back out to gather the men. once they were safely in their beds he got his horse and left the town. and has wandered around trying to find his way back to his village. thats when he stumbled upon this place and is currently looking around.


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