Marcus Kunrageus The Hero!

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Marcus Kunrageus The Hero!

Post  Karasu on Sat Dec 17, 2011 9:36 am

Name: Marcus Kunrageus
Age: Unknown To Most People
Rank/Job: Hero
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: White/Black
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Interest: Straight
Fighting Style: Art Of The Howling Wolf (His Own Fighting Style)

History: Marcus was born in a distant island called Roshi Island he was trained ever since he could lay a punch and both stand. He trained vigorously increasing his swordmanship, hand to hand combat, speed and stealth he was born a quiet but smart boy. People on roshi island started calling him child prodigy ever since they saw him perform techniques that 20 year olds would have trouble doing while he was only seven. He created many techniques of himself and even made his own fighting style.

Personality: Marcus was born a quiet boy although as he trained he opened up and became more stubborn when a huge monster attacked his class mates he leapt in front and took the monster on by himself. His stubborness was shown even more when people pleaded him not to go and be a hero as even though he was the child prodigy there are many people stronger than him. Marcus knew this but still declined to stay on Roshi island.

How Marcus Became A Hero: Marcus trained to be a hero for two years. He created some extra techniques so he could defend himself better. He became stronger and stronger and managed to increase his speed so much he could run and only be seen as a blur and throw a fist and send someone flying back from him. He also made a couple of fake wrestling moves real and tried them out. He soon took on quests and after two months of taking on quests people knew him as a hero and he became a worldwide known hero. He took on many quests and always came back victorious.

Kawayawaya Wave
Spinning Wolf Fang
Body Flicker Double Execution
Spinning Kawayawaya Wave
Ultimate Kawayawaya Wave
Body Transformation
Chi Explosion
Water Blast
Fire Bomb



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