Undead Dragon

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Undead Dragon

Post  TurboTango on Tue Dec 13, 2011 6:48 am

Habbo Username: TurboTango
Apperance: All Dragon Spikes Replaced with sharped bones from his recent life (2000 Years Ago). Black Outsiding. Grey Tiles. Eyes Are White. No Pupils.

2000 Years ago, The land use to fear this creature. He would burn and kill anything he could get. Many of the creatures would suffer, and the world was losing population, The dragon had been living in this part of the world for over 200 Years, Villages got sick of this so the king sent out a bounty. The dragon was then asleep in its cave, until men started to stab it. The dragon was then stabbed by some man, which then killed it in one, It roared and roared, then hit the ground, It then was asleep for approx 1000 Years, Then as The undead king, would then be searching for a army, he found the corpse. he then done his undead shiznickz, and awoke the dragon, some of the dragon revived, some of it never, the dragon is now hungried and stronger than ever, It obeys one person. The Undead Ruler.


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